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1. Attend as many AED recruitment events as you can and mingle with other applicants, current members, and board members. This step is highly recommended and will be taken into consideration in regards to your acceptance/rejection. All recruitment events have a dress code of business casual!

2. Apply to AED by filling out the application located at the bottom of this page. If you do not see the application, the application is not open yet.

3. Wait to be contacted by the AED executive board after submitting the completed application. AED will contact all candidates who submitted an application by email. An applicant will either be invited to an interview or be declined.

4. If the applicant is invited to an interview, he/she will need to attend their chosen interview time. More information will be sent via email with the time and place. Interviews will take place from TBD. Following the interview, the applicant will be notified if they are accepted or rejected based on evaluation from the AED board members.

5. An accepted applicant will need to fill out the new member form and submit it. The last step is to pay the new member dues. 

6. If an accepted applicant does not turn in either the new member form or dues by the designated due date, the application process will be considered incomplete and the accepted applicant will be declined.

7. The application process is now complete and accepted members will be given information about the formal induction ceremony. Attending the formal induction ceremony is mandatory. If there is a conflict with your schedule and the induction date, contact AED at

A declined applicant can always re-apply the following semester and is encouraged to do so!

Email for any questions! 


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