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About Us


We are proud to be the premier pre-health honor society here at the University of South Carolina. We are made up of a diverse body of students who share a common passion for medicine and are dedicated to personal and professional growth. We strive to provide our members with the framework, community, and knowledge necessary to succeed in all fields of healthcare and beyond.

Joining AED is a great opportunity to improve personal and professional development, campus involvement, and leadership skills. We invite you to tour our site to learn more about what Alpha Epsilon Delta can do for you and your aspirations in health care. 


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The birth of AED began in the spring of 1926 by Dr. Sidney A. Mitchell, who discussed the idea of creating an honorary fraternity at the University of Alabama with some of his premedical students and Dr. Jack Montgomery, professor of organic chemistry and a premedical advisor. After discussion and organization regarding the society, the first initiation was held on March 4th, 1927 following the election of eight students who completed at least three semesters of premedical work with exceptional GPAs. The original constitution had limited membership to male students until February 1929, when an amendment was adopted to admit women into membership and two women were initiated that same month on February 15th, 1929.




The University of South Carolina became the first organization from another school to petition for a chapter. Eventually, a charter and membership certificates were sent to the club, followed by a program and banquet on May 20th, 1928 and became the South Carolina Alpha Chapter. The first elected national president for UofSC was James Norwood. Him and all of the other first elected national presidents for their chapter were given a policy to develop a program of activities to benefit the members and other premedical students to shape a strong organization among the students and faculty. Thanks to the many accredited doctors, premedical students, and hard work over the years, AED has become a well established honors society across the United States, shaping aspiring preprofessional health students into ambitious, well-rounded, and passionate leaders.

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