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So you want to go to Dental School?

The dental profession is a great route into the field of healthcare that can directly impact patients’ lives. Dental school offers many different paths that one can take to decide exactly what career path is best for them. The general study of dental medicine is the most commonly taken route, which is 4 years of graduate study at an accredited dental school. Specializing in a certain field of dentistry requires schooling for around 2-4 more years to learn everything necessary about the desired specialty. Commonly practiced specialties are orthodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry. Dentistry is a great career to be able to build strong relationships with patients that will be coming in for years, or even decades, and dentists can have a positive impact on both their health and confidence.

It's important to know what admissions committees are looking for, so that you can be more than prepared as a stellar candidate by the time you apply.

The DAT is designed to measure general academic ability, comprehension of scientific information, and perceptual ability. While intimidating at first glance, the DAT can be dealt with by knowing what to expect and preparing adequately. 

One of the more critical experiences for pre-dental students is exposure to patients in a clinical setting.  This type of experience will allow you to ensure that you enjoy working with patients and that you are well suited for a career in dentistry.  

A high GPA is an important aspect of your application to dental school. However, a high GPA alone won't get you in the door. It is important to work hard to keep your GPA up, in addition to taking all required prerequisite courses.  

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