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Vertically Integrated Trainee Program

Today’s Students Training Tomorrow’s Physicians

The mission of the Columbia Medical Society VITP is to integrate through communication and collaboration the trainee levels consisting of undergraduate students, medical students, and postgraduate residents and fellows.  

The Vertically Integrated Trainee Program (VITP) is an exclusive partnership between Alpha Epsilon Delta and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine (USCSOM) and is recognized by the Columbia Medical Society. Pre-med AED members have the opportunity to participate in VITP events, including American Medical College Application Service workshops, mock interviews, and socials with medical students. AED members are mentored by current medical students, and are often able to meet medical school faculty members. The VITP has been published in the Southern Medical Journal twice. For more information, please contact our current VITP Director, Brianna Weirick, at

Statement from the 2020- 2021 VITP President

VITP is an organization for medical students, meant for undergraduate students. As a medical student, it is important to give back to your community, leading a life of service. VITP allows us to give back. Through this program, we have been able to help prepare undergraduate students for interviews, help introduce them to clinical skills, help prepare their applications, among many other things. This is rewarding in the sense that we, as the future generation of medicine, are helping to prepare the even more distant future of medicine. In conjunction with AED, we have been able to make a difference, not only in the lives of undergraduate students, but also in the perspectives of our own medical students.

- Buckley McCall

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