Applicant Requirements:


1. Overall GPA of 3.5 and a math and science GPA of at least 3.2

2. Must be able to attend required professional and social events each semester

3. Must be able to attend at least half of the chapter meetings each semester

4. Must be able to attain 10 points each semester

*REMINDER: These are the minimum requirements!

  Point System and Membership Requirements:




  • Points determine:

    • Probation status​/removal from organization

    • Consideration for events with limited space

    • Eligibility for an AED officer position​

  • If a member does not meet the semester point requirements, they will be placed on probation for the following semester. The probation penalty will be decided by AED's current board members.

  • If the member does not meet the requirements for the semester while on probation, he/she will be terminated from our organization. 

  Membership Dues:

  • New Member dues are $175 for the first year or $130 for the first semester

    • This includes $75 for the one-time national dues 

  • Returning Member dues are $55 per semester, or $100 if paid in full for the year