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USC Dance Marathon Countdown

for hope. for love. for the kids.

" day we will dance in celebration. Until then, we dance for a cure"

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is a movement activating university and high school students across the United States. Students involved in planning for the dance marathon event spend a year gaining leadership, teamwork, and nonprofit business experience while raising funds & interacting with children’s hospital patients and families.

The 2021-2022 year will culminate with a 14 hour event (the dance marathon) where we, the students, stay on our feet through dancing, games, and entertainment in symbolic support of children served by their local CMN Hospital. Main event will take place on February 26th, 2022. 

Each organization is entirely student-run and 100% of all funds raised go directly to the school’s local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Last year alone, Miracle Network Dance Marathons raised more than $27 million. Join the movement!

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